How to Show You’re a Go-Getter

On average, employers receive more than 250 applications for a public job posting, yet only about four to six of them qualify for an interview – only 2 percent! That means that you need to find ways to stand out. At Advance Financial, we have found that potential employees stand out most if they are “go-getters” – those who seek [...]

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Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts

A big part of why Advance Financial has grown so much is the way we treat each other. Although we just hired our 1000th employee, keep the small company family feel. We believe in always going above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Customer service isn’t just about making sure our customers have the best experience possible when [...]

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Why Every Position in Your Company Should be Participating in Training and Development Classes

Imagine this: You’re working in a great position that you love. You’ve got every task you do down to a science, so you can perform it with the utmost efficiency. You feel like you are at your best. But are you? You may feel on top of the world, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to grow. Growth is [...]

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How to Be the Best Team Player

You can only get so far on your own. If you want to see your company grow and flourish, it’s important for team members on all levels to support and encourage each other. At Advance Financial, our team is like family, and everyone here has worked together to perfect our company culture. Check out these tips we’ve learned along the [...]

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How to Be a Better Leader

At Advance Financial, we know that operating a best-in-class consumer financial services company isn’t just the job of our leadership team. Providing our customers with the highest-quality service requires the work of many different minds and hands – which is why we believe in training our leaders to be present and accessible in the lives of all our employees. Looking [...]

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Keeping the small business mindset while growing your company.

Advance Financial is a fast-growing company with high standards of service for both our customers in the community and our company as a whole. What started as a family-run business with less than 10 employees has grown into a national company with more than 800 – and we’re still growing!

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How to Create an Awesome Company Culture

In four years Advance Financial’s total revenue grew from over $51 million to more than $149 million. Because of that exponential growth in revenue – 188% to be exact – Inc. magazine put us on its list of the fastest-growing companies in the country for the sixth time in a row in 2017

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Undercover Boss: The Importance of Knowing Your Employees

Company leaders don’t need to go as far as adopting a disguise to get down to the roots of their business. In fact, it’s essential for the success of both the business and its employees to have a CEO who knows the ins and outs of everyone’s role within the company

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